AT&T iPhone App Lets Users Notify AT&T About Poor Network Performance

| iPhone

AT&T has released AT&T Mark the Spot, a free iPhone app that lets users notify the cellular carrier when they experience a problem, including a failed or dropped call, data failure, lack of coverage, or poor voice quality. Users tap the appropriate selection and let the app mark the current location with the iPhone’s GPS capabilities, or enter it themselves.

In its announcement of the app, AT&T also noted that it is nearly doubling its 3G wireless spectrum across the US and will have added about 2,000 new cell sites to its network in 2009. It’s also in the process of increasing 3G network speeds by deploying HSPA 7.2 in six markets by the end of this year, and it says it will begin implementing 4G in 2011.

AT&T and Verizon were recently involved in a legal spat over the latter's "There's a map for that" TV ads, in which the carrier lambasted AT&T for a lack of comprehensive 3G coverage compared to Verizon. AT&T sued, but a judge rejected the company's claims, leading it to drop its lawsuit.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Wonderful idea. Problem is, where I am right now, I can’t download the app because I don’t have any signal on my iPhone—voice or data. Fortunately, I kept my Sprint data card from before the AT&T switch-over so I can get online and talk to my good friends on the TMO discussion boards. Unfortunately, I sync that iPhone with my Mini at home in the living room, so downloading to the MBP right now is more trouble than it’s worth.


Let’s see…  HMMM No service….  How the heck do you mark the spot and send it off??????


I think you guys are being a little harsh on AT$T here. I’m not exactly happy with the service I get from them either, but this is exactly the kind of thing they need to do in order to rectify the situation. When a lot of people ask them to improve service in a certain area, and they do, things will get better. Using the technology of the iPhone to help make this happen seems like true innovation to me…

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