AT&T Offers Credits for Recent iPhone 3GS Purchases

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AT&T is offering customers that purchased an iPhone 3GS in the last month credits to cover the combination iPod and smartphone’s recent price drop. Customers are eligible for a US$50 bill credit if they purchased the 16GB model, or a $100 credit for the 32GB model.

The cell service provider is calling the deal a “one-time Customer Protection” offer, according to ModMyi. Customers that purchased their new iPhone 3GS between May 7 and May 14 have until June 14 to claim their bill credit.

Apple lowered the price of the 16GB iPhone 3GS from $199 to $149, and the 32GB model from $299 to $199 following the introduction of the new iPhone 4 at the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference on June 7. The updated iPhone model will be available for pre-order on June 15, and will ship on June 24.

For subscribers that would rather have the new iPhone 4 instead of their just purchased iPhone 3G or 3GS, AT&T will let them exchange the phone and the entire purchase price will be applied to the newer model when it ships.

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the exchange for an iPhone 4 news is awesome.  i had a friend get an iphone for a bday gift on the 22nd from her “not in the know” grandfather, and now she can exchange it for the newer model, for just the 10% restock fee.  sweet!


Minor clarification:

AT&T will offer those iPhone 3GS customers who purchases handsets between May 7th and June 7th the option to upgrade to iPhone 4, only paying applicable price differences. Customers who purchased a “closeout” iPhone 3GS after June 7th are not eligible for these offers.


no longer just a rumor by a modmyi leaked memo.  from att’s facebook page:

Yobet Izquierdo Colon hi!! i resently at may 16th, I made a 2 year contract on a iphone 3gs, am i elegible for an upgrade or i have to pay it retail price for the iphone 4g???
38 minutes ago ? Flag

AT&T Hi Yobet: Customers who purchased an iPhone between May 7th and May 21st will have an extension through June 21st to preorder iPhone 4 in an AT&T store. That means you can still return it (with a restocking fee) and preorder the iPhone 4. Hope that helps.
36 minutes ago ? Flag

Charlie Pryor Lucky
33 minutes ago ? Flag

Yobet Izquierdo Colon so i have to pre oder the iphone 4g latest june 21 and june 24th i return my 3gs??? and what is a restocking fee??
27 minutes ago ? Flag

AT&T Hi Yobet: We’ll have a customer care manager contact you to answer your questions.
11 minutes ago ? Flag

melanie jablonski

Good afternoon mac friends.  I have a problem.  I have a reiki business which is practiced out of my home.  I saved for a while to purchase a speaker system for the iphone.  The healing music plays a major roll in the treatments.  I was very specific when I came into the store to assure that I made an excellent purchase.  Unfortunately the speaker dock does not have a battery outsource.  As luck would have it my entire upstairs circuit of electricity burnt out.  I am unable to preform services w/o the relaxing healing music.  Of course I have the box and all accessories and would be most grateful to please exchange the JBL 200ID for one that allows batteries.  Please can you help me.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use my wonderful dock even once.  I need to get my business back up and running.  PLEASE Help me.  I truly appreciate all your help.  Look forward to your help.

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