AT&T Offers Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile Calls

AT&T announced Wednesday a new incentive for its mobile customers that allows them to make unlimited calls to any mobile number in the U.S. The offer officially goes into effect Thursday, February 10th, the same day that Verizon is launching the iPhone for its network.

The feature is limited to accounts with unlimited text messaging plans and a “qualifying” voice plan, which seem to include Nation and FamilyTalk plans. AT&T customers can activate the feature at

AT&T has had exclusive access to the iPhone since the device’s introduction more than four years ago, and Ma Bell has benefitted enormously from the deal. On Thursday, Apple and Verizon are introducing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 for use on Verizon’s network, opening up competition for iPhone customers for the first time in the U.S. market.


Today’s announcement from AT&T is one of the first benefits of this competition for consumers to hit the market, and there will no doubt be others, from both companies.

In the meanwhile, while Android phones finally passed iPhone in December in the U.S., no one seems to be battling over features and services to offer for those devices.