AT&T OK with Google, Verizon Net Neutrality Proposal

AT&T Mobility CEO, Ralph de la Vega, likes the Internet Neutrality proposal Verizon and Google recently unveiled, and thinks it would make for a good framework for lawmakers to build on, according to Network World.

“If Google and Verizon can come together with a joint framework then it will be a good framework for the legislature to use,” he said during the Oppenheimer Technology, Media and Telecommunications conference on Wednesday.

Google and Verizon introduced their proposed version of net neutrality on Tuesday with wording that protects wired Internet connections from data throttling, but leaves the playing field open for wireless Internet connections like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile offer.

The two companies negotiated their proposed rules outside of the FCC’s own discussions with carriers, and even include rules defining the FCC’s authority in enforcing net neutrality guidelines.

While Google, Verizon, and now AT&T are on board with the proposal, not everyone else is. Coalition has already begun speaking out against the proposal.

“It would open the door to outright blocking of applications, just as Comcast did with BitTorrent, or the blocking of content, just as Verizon did with text messages from NARAL Pro-choice America,” the group said.

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps isn’t pleased with Google and Verizon’s ideas, either. He is pushing for strong FCC regulation over net neutrality and broadband communications “to guarantee and open Internet now and forever.”