AT&T Rolls Out iPhone MMS Support

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As promised, AT&T began activating MMS support for iPhone owners late Friday morning. The update lets iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS owners include photos in text messages, just like many other mobile phones have been able to do for some time.

MMS support is being added through a special carrier update that's delivered through the iTunes application. Once the update is installed, iPhone owners will be able to send multimedia text messages without first restarting their handheld.

AT&T previously stated that the MMS service is included with iPhone SMS packages, so subscribers won't have to pay extra to send or receive photos in text messages.

More information on installing the MMS support update is available in our TMO Quick Tips.

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I had to restart my iPhone 3GS after the update to get MMS to show up on my phone.


I understand that on the iPhone if you create an SMS message over 160 characters long, it will let you send it and receive it as one message, but will count as multiple messages against your monthly message allocation (or will be billed as multiple individual messages).  With MMS, how will this work depending on media file size?


I, too, had to restart my iPhone 3G after the (very quick) update to get MMS to show up on the phone.

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