AT&T U-verse 2 Adds Video Download Support

| Product News

AT&T’s U-verse Mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch moved beyond DVR remote control features on Tuesday when the company added the ability to download certain TV shows.

U300, U400 and U450 subscribers can download shows to their iPhone or iPod touch from a limited collection AT&T is offering for on-the-go viewing. The version 2.0 update also revamped the app’s user interface and added a favorite channels feature.

U-verse Mobile is free and available for download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



Except its not free when you have to pay U300 and above prices.
AT&T should make this download available to all U-Verse customers.


Yet AT&T discriminates against U-200 subscribers who can’t use the service.
AT&T U-Verse service should provide everyone with the same access for the channels they pay for.

U-200 subscribers please complain to AT&T as we pay for our channels just like U300 and U400 subscribers. It doesn’t cost AT&T anything to do so.

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