AT&T Wireless Site Down Ahead of WWDC 2010

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AT&T’s Web site for wireless devices, including smartphones and the iPhone, went off line late Sunday night ahead of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference scheduled to start Monday morning. Apple’s event will kick off with a keynote presentation with CEO Steve Jobs where the company is expected to introduce the next generation iPhone.

The AT&T Web site currently states “We’re improving our site to make it better for you,” which doesn’t indicate the company is preparing for iPhone-related announcements. The timing of the site maintenance, however, has led to speculation that changes at the AT&T Web site are more than coincidence.

AT&T: Making things better for us.

While Apple hasn’t confirmed that the new iPhone will be unveiled at WWDC, the timing fits the company’s usual product upgrade cycle. This year’s developer conference is more heavily focused on iPhone and iPhone OS-related topics.

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is scheduled to run from June 7 through June 11 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. Mr. Jobs’s keynote presentation will be at 10AM pacific time on Monday, June 7.

Be sure to check in Monday morning at TMO’s live event coverage Web page, and check out our live event coverage on Twitter, too.

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Ken Spencer

It is fully functional for me—-and as been all night.

Even clicking on your link worked.


Apparently they bumped up my upgrade date and i’m now available to get the new one for the discounted price, thank goodness because last year they wouldn’t bump it up for me when i went to get the 3GS and i had to pay $400.
At least i got $180 for my 3G so it didn’t hurt that much.
Sooooo excited for tomorrow!!!


The Developer Member site is also down right now with a note saying that they are updating the site


The online account management site is down as well.

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