Attempting to Revitalize Brand, RIM Changes Name to BlackBerry

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Research in Motion (RIM), the once-dominant smartphone firm, has officially named itself after its flagship product. At the BlackBerry 10 OS launch event today in New York City, CEO Thorsten Heins announced that, going forward, the company will be known simply as “BlackBerry.”

RIM Changes Name to BlackBerry

The change was spurred by the company’s attempt to revitalize its brand and recover market share after suffering major losses to Apple and Google platforms over the past five years. Mr. Heins argued that because RIM was known around the world primarily for its BlackBerry smartphones, it made sense to change the name and unify the brand. The company’s tagline is now “One brand. One promise.”

Stock watchers should take note that the name change also comes with a change in stock symbol. RIMM will soon be listed as “BBRY” on the NASDAQ and “BB” on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The BlackBerry 10 event is still underway and RIMM is currently trading at $15.02, down $0.70 (4.35 percent).

Image via The Verge.

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It will be interesting to see how BB10 and the new models stack up. Up here in Canada the press is full of glowing reviews and BB-walks-on-water first impressions. The next couple of months, when people actually get the things in their hands, will be critical. I still give BB 25-75 odds against even existing in a couple of years. This has to be a absolute gonzo, out of the park, push Apple, Samsung, and all the rest on their heels home-run or it will not make a difference.

Lee Dronick

It will be interesting to see what product, or products, they come up with to compete with Apple and Android.


One CEO. One Brand. One Promise.
Hasn’t blackberry gotten a bad name too? I literally know of 2 people that own them. One because it was a free phone, another because he likes to be a contrarian.


Some of that is likely from their old devices being so far behind the curve (pun!). That said they are supposed to be very well made. OTOH at a previous job I had two BBs and HATED them. Mechanically they were good but I found the keyboard to be very hard to use (I was very surprised how much easier it was to type on the iOS screen keyboard). I found the screen very 8-bit clunky. The little trackball pill thing was nearly useless. Their online store was absurd and their browser was a joke. In order to get the device to work I had to disable and hide everything except for e-mail and IM. I hope BB10 fixes all of these things but it will essentially be jumping from sailing ships to jets in one leap. I have doubts as to if they can do it.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Rest in peace “RIM jobs” jokes.

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