ATTO Technology Releases 6Gb SAS/SATA Host Adapters

Amherst, New York-based ATTO Technology, Inc. announced the release of a family of five 6gb/SAS host adapters on Monday. The units, known as the ExpressSAS H608, H680, H644, H60 and H6FO, function as high-end SA/SATA HBA host adapters.

The ExpressSAS H60F and 6F0 feature two independent controllers with support for up to 512 physical devices and 16 independent lanes of 600MB/s connectivity for an aggregate throughput of up to 19.2 GB full duplex. The ExpressSAS family offers support for Windows, Linux, VMware and Mac OS X-based environments as well as full compatibility with SAS, SAS 2.0, SATA and SATA II devices.

The units offer the following specifications:

  • ExpressSAS H608 – 8 internal ports
  • ExpressSAS H680 – 8 external ports
  • ExpressSAS H644 – 4 internal ports and 4 external ports
  • ExpressSAS H60F – 16 internal ports, dual independent controllers
  • ExpressSAS H6F0 – 16 external ports, dual independent controllers

Other features include x8 PCIe technology, SAS speeds and ATTO's Advanced Data Streaming technology, which help reduce I/O bottlenecks when possible.