Australia Hits Apple with $28.5M Tax Bill

Australia wants $28.5 million in back taxes from Apple for allegedly sheltering revenue in the country. The tax bill comes as U.K. tax regulators have been questioning Apple, along with Google and Amazon, about possible tax avoidance issues.

Australia to Apple: Show me the moneyAustralia to Apple: Show me the money

Lumping the back taxes together with taxes through September 24, 2011, Apple now owes Australia $94.7 million, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Sheltering revenue from taxation isn't something new, or a practice that only Apple follows. With governments looking for more revenue streams, however, tax collectors are looking for ways to work around those shelters.

Apple hasn't commented and Australian regulators are prohibited by law from talking about the case, so there's no word on whether or not the Cupertino-based company will try to negotiate to drop or reduce the tax bill.