Australia Investigating Higher Apple Product Pricing

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Australia’s Parliament has launched an investigation into Apple’s pricing structure in the country over concerns that the Mac and iPhone maker is artificially inflating its prices. The government is looking to find out why App Store prices in Australia are substantially higher when compared to other countries, as are hardware prices, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“There is evidence to suggest that the innovative use of technology is not always matched with innovative new business models in the case of products and services distributed online,” said Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy.

Australia thinks Apple overcharges customersAustralia thinks Apple overcharges customers

Apple, however, isn’t being singled out. Microsoft and other technology-related companies are being included in the investigation, too. Adobe may have been the company that finally pushed the government into the investigation when it announced that its Creative Suite 6 software would cost up to AU$1,400 more in Australia than in the United States.

Software and hardware routinely cost more in Australia than other countries, and the government doesn’t think that’s fair to consumers. In many cases, companies claim Australia is a small market, which drives prices up.

Locals, however, don’t seem to agree with that argument. “People here scratch their heads trying to work out why they get fleeced on software downloads,” commented Sydney MP Ed Husic.

Apple has not commented on the investigation.

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Excuse me, but they can charge whatever they damn well please. WTF has happened to my old country? The moment they banned all guns they plunged into a Fascist mentality. Australia used to be a free country. Now it’s cruising in the direction of a dictatorship.


I think the Australian Parliament will have to learn about GST (that’s what sales tax is called in Australia) and consumer laws. A quick check shows that Apple currently displays prices in Australia that are about 15% higher than the USA after converting the currency, but US prices don’t include sales tax, and better consumer rights don’t come for free either.


Yep, much the same for New Zealand. After taking tax and exchange rates into account prices for Apple products are around 15% higher in NZ. However the CS6 price is over 60% higher.


All I can say is about time, but your a little too late on Apple as they have sharpened their prices from previous years.
FileMaker Pro though is still way over price in Aussie 30+% premium
Photoshop 74% premium
I’m sure there are many others that still have crazy high prices, as for gnasher729 and myrighteye, really guys, that is why Aussies are so ripped off on many things in this country, we live in darkness compared to other advanced countries, and suffer everyday by living costs that are going crazy! I don’t call that freedom at all! More like a bunch of suckers!


They’re ripping us off here in Australia!!!
I just compared the prices for the entry-level 11” MB Air on and

Guess what! The MB Air is an insane THREE PER CENT more expensive on JBHIFI than on BESTBUY!
What an outcry!! This injustice must be stopped!!
Power to the people!!

/Sarcasm Off

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