Authorized Steve Jobs Biography Available for Pre-order

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The only officially sanctioned biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs hit Amazon over the weekend for pre-order. iSteve: The Book of Jobs is expected to ship in early March, 2012.

Mr. Jobs agreed to support an official biography of his life to be written by well known author Walter Isaacson.

Steve Jobs biographySteve Jobs’s official biography is available for pre-order

Mr. Isaacson has a history of writing quality biographies and a reputation for his unbiased approach towards his subjects including Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. He also served as a top executive at Time Magazine and CNN, and is currently the CEO of the nonpatisan educational and policy studies organization the Apsen Institute.

Mr. Isaacson has already spent two years with Mr. Jobs gathering information for the book, and since it comes with the CEO’s blessing it will likely include details that haven’t been available in the unauthorized books about his life.

iSteve: The Book of Jobs is priced at US$19.80 in hard cover, or $14.99 as a Kindle ebook. The book will also be available through Apple’s iBookstore.

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Would be ironic if it was Kindle-only…


In the wake of major events, some substantial books get out within a few weeks. By contrast, they’re announcing this almost a year in advance. I wonder if they set the release for March 2012 to coincide with a goal (TBA) of Steve bringing out a next major product then. Just speculating.

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