Authorized Steve Jobs Biography Drops the “iSteve”

The official biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, due to ship in March 2012, is no longer “iSteve: The Book of Jobs.” Instead, it will be called “Steve Jobs: A Biography” when it hits store shelves.

iSteve book title goes awayThe official Steve Jobs bio drops the “iSteve”

The original book title, according to CNET, was chosen by Simon & Schuster’s publicity department, but didn’t sit well with the author and well know biography specialist, Walter Isaacson. The new title is presumably more to his liking.

Mr. Isaacson has spent over two years with Mr. Jobs, his family and colleagues collecting information for the book. When the book ships it will be the first time a biography detailing Mr. Jobs’s life has been published with his blessing.

“Steve Jobs: A Biography” is available for pre-order at Amazon for US$16.50.