Avernum 6 Caps the RPG Series for Mac

Spiderweb Software has released Avernum 6 for Mac OS X, the final entry in the long-running series of role-playing games that hearkens back to the Baldur’s Gate series and other fantasy RPGs with dense plots, plenty of quests, and old-school 2D isometric graphics.

Avernum is a subterranean land that was once a prison colony and is now a place where various factions battle each other for control. In Avernum 6, a series of disasters threaten to destroy the land, and only the player’s character can save it. The game features hundreds of quests, many side dungeons to explore, hundreds of magical items to find and use, and more than 50 spells and battle disciplines to learn.

Avernum 6 sells for US$28 and requires Mac OS X version 10.3.9, an 800MHz processor (1.6GHz recommended), 32MB video RAM (64MB recommended), 512MB RAM, and 200MB hard drive space. It runs natively on Macs with Intel processors.