Awaken the Force with these Free Star Wars Apps

With a new Star Wars movie coming soon (though not nearly soon enough if you ask me), there are a few fun apps in the App Store that can help you pass the time until the movie is here. We all know about the games like Lego Star Wars and Lego Angry Birds, so I won't be calling out the games, this is for a few other apps that can also fill the void between now and December 18.

First up, you can count down the moments until The Big Day using a free app called E-minus. Just add December 18 as the date, change the title to whatever you want, and even theme it using special effects titled "The Force" and a font called "Star Art." Then you can obsessively check on how far away the movie is.

Here's the widget. Tick tock...

Next, this one will actually be great for the holiday weekend, particularly if you're visiting family. Show Your Disney Side from Disney is a fun (and free) way to get great photos for your contacts. It says it's a selfie app, but you can use the rear camera and take photos of other people instead. I have mentioned it before, and the Star Wars options include Darth Maul, Queen Amidala, and an X-Wing pilot. Currently I have my brother in my contacts in full Queen Amidala regalia. Welcome to the future.

Here's our own Jeff Gamet as an X-Wing pilot. Red Label, standing by...

Another fun and free app is the official Star Wars app. Aside from loads of news and info, there are some fun things like the soundboard to play quotes from the movies and the weather where you are, with an equivalent Star Wars location (right now it feels like Alderaan here). This app also has a selfie section, with more Star Wars characters than the three above. Not that you need it now of course, but you could buy tickets from this app too.

Main Star Wars app screen. Check out the Force Trainer!

One of the apps that's particularly fun on an iPad (even though it's universal) is the Star Wars Scene Maker. You get characters, vehicles, and scenes, and you decide the camera angle, what's in the shot, and how it moves. Give C-3PO a lightsaber and set him loose on the Death Star, for example. Note: This is a free app, but your options are limited if you don't spend a little cash to get some more interesting items to work with (more characters and scenes).

Endor and Ewoks. Write your own ending to ROTJ!

If you want to entertain the non-iOS users in your family, send them to the Crawl Creator to write something epic in that familiar yellow font. You can browse the whole list of official apps on the Star Wars website. Which one do you like best?