Axel Springer Switching 10,000 Employees to Mac

Axel Springer AG, one of Europeis largest newspapers, is switching its entire publishing operation to Macs, according to Fortune. The changeover, which will involve 10,000 employees in 30 countries, will take five years.

The CEO, Mathias Döpfner posted a YouTube video (in German) and gave the reasons for the change which were, according to Fortune:

  • Most of the companyis layout work was already being done on Macs
  • Macs are more user friendly than other computers
  • Apple creates the most elegant computers
  • Macs are cheaper to buy and easier to maintain than they were in the past

Mr. Döpfner said that when the changeover is complete, Axel Springer will be the worldis second largest Apple customer after Google.

Axel Springer publishes the flagship newspaper, Die Welt. The original announcement was at Heise Online.