Shipping Cocoa Business Development App is now shipping BDRuleEngine Framework 1.0.0 for Cocoa developers. BDRuleEngine Framework is a development app designed for business environments. The app ships with support for rule systems for specific business software development. According to today shipped the BDRuleEngine Framework version 1.0.0, an Open Source framework that lets Mac OS X developers using Appleis Cocoa framework build very flexible business rule-driven applications quickly and easily.

The BDRuleEngine Framework builds on the power of Appleis Cocoa framework for Mac OS X by providing a rule system for software developers to use when constructing applications. This rule system lets developers specify business rules at a higher level than their application code, reducing code complexity and increasing both code flexibility & reuse at the same time.

You can find more information about the BDRuleEngine Framework release at the Web site. BDRuleEngine Framework 1.0.0 is available as freeware.