Ballistic Announces “Hard Core” Rugged Case for iPhone 4

Ballistic HCBallistic announced Friday a new case for iPhone 4 called Ballistic HC, with the HC standing for “hard core.” The case is designed for people using their new iPhone in situations requiring rugged protection. They feature four layers of what the company characterized as durable protection that include shock absorption, with an outer gel skin layer that is interchangeable.

The case also has a front-facing inward holster, a built-in screen protector, and connector seals that Ballistic said can ensure that dirt and other corrosive materials do not enter through the ports.

The Ballistic HC will be offered through AT&T retail locations and Ballistic’s own Web site, and will ship later this summer. It will be priced at US$49.99.

Ballistic HC Layers

Ballistic HC layers