Ballmer: No One has Made a Tablet Customers Want

With the launch of the Surface Tablet, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks his company has finally given consumers a tablet they'll actually want, unlike every other tablet that's hit the market so far -- including Apple's market dominating iPad.

"I don't think anyone has done a product that I see customers wanting," Mr. Ballmer told CNBC.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showing off a failed Windows-based tabletMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer showing off a failed Windows-based tablet

Mr. Ballmer is hoping the Suface can give the company's Windows operating system a solid foothold in the tablet market, which is no small order considering how popular the iPad is. He sees the Surface as the perfect mix of work and entertainment features, and he's certain the tablet offerings from Apple and Amazon aren't up to the job.

"[Neither Apple or Amazon] has a product that you can use, that lets you work and play, that can be your tablet and your PC," Mr. Ballmer said. "Not at any of those price points."

Microsoft's Surface is priced starting at US$499, which puts the company's offering in line with Apple's iPad.

The iPad currently accounts for well over half of the tablets purchased, and makes up about 90 percent of worldwide tablet Internet traffic, too. The company also just refreshed its iPad lineup by boosting performance on the Retina Display model, and by adding a 7.9-inch version that ships this Friday.

Of course, companies try to make consumers see their new products as must-have purchases, so saying that the Surface is the best option in the tablet space makes sense for Microsoft. Saying that there aren't already devices in that market consumers are clamoring for, however, feels rather... Ballmer.