Barcode Producer 5.8 Improves ITF-14 Barcode Support

| Product News

Apparent Corporation announced the immediate availability of Barcode Producer 5.8 on Thursday. The update for the barcode design utility added support for wider ITF-14 barcodes for retail product shipping containers and palettes.

The update also added Light Margin Indicators for I2of5 barcodes, and updated its icons to properly match the currently installed versions of Illustrator and Photoshop.

Barcode Producer 5.8 is priced at US$199 and is available at the Apparent Corporation Web site.



as for ITF -14 barcode , i used this one in .net program and ITF-14 barcode in program

Rob Stott

Barcode Producer isn’t a bad app but it’s way over-priced, in my opinion, when you can get things like Barcode Basics for under $10 (last time I checked)

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