BarcodeMaker 2D Adds Barcode Creation to InDesign

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Teacup Software announced the immediate availability of BarcodeMaker 2D for InDesign CS3 and CS4 on Thursday. BarcodeMaker 2D lets users create 2D-style barcodes in Adobe InDesign.

The InDesign add-on can build Data Matrix, QR Code, Maxi Code, Aztec Code and PDF417, GS1 Databare Expanded and Stacked 2D barcodes, and supports importing barcode data from ODBC-compliant data sources.

BarcodeMaker 2D is priced at US$169 and is available at the Teacup Software Web site.



Funny, $169 for a program that you have a free alternative to:

Granted, it is a command line tool, but nothing beats the price. 169 bucks for a GUI seem a bit excessive.

You get what you pay for

That only supports 1D barcodes.  The price is excessive for those few people who know how to use a command line.  For the rest of us, it’s a piece of commercial software that makes barcodes easy to use.  It also integrates with InDesign, a big plus for those who are in InDesign every day.


hey, i used this 2d barcode generated in C#  program and 2d barcode in .net program , not bad

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