Bare Bones Gives Away Mailsmith, Kills Super Get Info

Bare Bones Software streamlined its product offerings on Tuesday with the announcement that it transfered ownership of Mailsmith to Stickshift Software, and is discontinuing Super Get Info. Mailsmith, well known as a power user email application, is now available for free through the Web site.

Even though Bare Bones spun off Mailsmith, the application didn't really move too far away from the family because Stickshift Software is the creation of Bare Bones founder Rich Siegel. "Like many others, I use and rely on Mailsmith on a daily basis," he said. "However, at this point it is strictly a labor of love for me."

By moving Mailsmith to a new company, Mr. Siegel says Bare Bones will be able to focus its resources on apps like BBEdit and Yojimbo.

Bare Bones Software also announced that it is discontinuing Super Get Info now that the Get Info feature in Mac OS X is more robust. The company will continue to offer support for current users through the end of 2009.

Bare Bones other applications include BBEdit, TextWrangler, Yojimbo and WeatherCal.