Bare Bones Patches Bugs in BBEdit Update

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BBEditBare Bones Software today announced the availability of BBEdit(r) 9.2.1, an update to its professional strength HTML and text editor.

The BBEdit 9.2.1 update is a maintenance release that fixes reported issues and adds several refinements to this HTML and text editor. The updates and fixes include the following list:

  • Fixed crash which could occur when dragging items around in or into a project list.
  • “Replace” and “Replace & Find Next” menu commands now correctly update the search history.
  • BBEdit now displays a progress dialog when upgrading the contents of its Application Support folder during a version update/upgrade.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur in some situations when bringing up the Find window from the scripting interface.
  • Fixed a crash which would occur if an SFTP server returned file names that were invalid UTF-8.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented setting a key equivalent for the “Sleep” command.
  • Worked around a bug in Mac OS X 10.4.x which caused the “Open with Finder” action in project and disk browser lists to crash.
  • Fixed a bug in the Lua language module which would cause the app to hang when opening a Lua file with comments.

The BBEdit 9.2.1 update is available free of charge to all registered BBEdit 9 customers from the Bare Bones Software Web site.


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