Barnes & Noble Joins the Ebook Reader Game with Nook

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Barnes & Noble is the latest company to jump into the ebook reader market with the introduction of its Nook. The Nook is aimed at competing with Amazon's Kindle, and adds a splash of color to the reading experience thanks to its secondary display.

Like the Kindle, the Nook includes a six-inch diagonal E Ink display, but also sports a small color touch-sensitive display for navigation and browsing book titles. In another nod to the Kindle, the Nook includes free 3G wireless downloads. Instead of partnering with Sprint, Barnes & Noble struck a deal with AT&T.

The Nook from Barnes & Noble

The Nook also includes built-in Wi-Fi and free network access at all Barnes & Nobles stores.

The ebook reader includes 2GB of storage for books, magazines, newspapers and music, and comes with a built-in speaker and a stereo headphone jack. The Nook supports native PDF documents so users don't have to change file formats before uploading their own content.

The Nook is priced in line with the Kindle at US$259, and is Mac and Windows-compatible. In a break from Amazon's stricter licensing restrictions, Nook users can share titles with each other for 14 days at a time.

While the Nook isn't an Apple product, it at least offers a hint of what could be in store if the Mac and iPhone maker releases a tablet device with ebook support. Barnes & Noble's move to replace physical buttons with a touch interface looks to be a move in the right direction, and the device runs on Google's Android OS which potentially makes the Nook easier to upgrade and enhance.

With Amazon, Sony and now Barnes & Noble in the mix, the ebook reader market looks to be heating up. Whether or not Apple wants raise the temperature even more however, is still limited to talk from the rumor mill.


Jeff Gamet

The tablet device space is finally getting interesting now that companies are figuring out that focused products are more likely to draw consumer attention than tablet PCs. I can only imagine what will happen to the market if Apple really does throw its hat into the ring.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

The sharing aspect is really interesting. If it’s easy enough and there are enough people to share with, the information about what gets shared could be very valuable to a retailer.

Does anyone know this works for people who need enlarged text? Would it or the Kindle be good for an avid reader who is approaching 90?


Did NOBODY at B&N try saying the name of their new product?

The Nook e-Book reader is going to sound like the “nookie book reader.”

Are they selling porn?

Or maybe that’s what they wanted to do…


The Barnes & Noble Nook is claimed to be the first ebook reader based on the Android platform. Barnes & Noble’s new e-reader, reportedly dubbed the Nook, propels the bookseller into an increasingly crowded market for similar devices. Nook features many industry firsts as it is the first Android-based eBook reader and the first to offer a color touch screen for navigation along with an E-Ink display for an immersive e-reading experience. It might be worth an instant cash loan for a Barnes and Noble Nook.

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