Barnes & Noble Releases NOOK Kids iPad App

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Barnes & Noble on Wednesday introduced a free NOOK kids app for iPad, bringing more than 230 interactive picture books to Apple’s popular tablet. Children can interact with the text and zoom in and around graphics, and over 50 books have professional narration, including collections from Richard Scarry, Olivia, and Thomas and Friends.

B&N Nook App for iPad

The software also includes a password-protected Parents Corner where parents can decide which books are appropriate for their kids. Barnes & Noble is offering two free books to new NOOK kids for iPad customers: Scarry’s Colors and Elephant’s Child.

Barnes & Noble already offers a NOOK for iPad app that gives access to over 12,000 children’s chapter books and more than two million digital titles for adults.


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John Molloy

Does anyone have the code to write outside of the window like that image? What are Nook doing to allow the ladder to touch the table? Must be magical. Or something.

Dave Hamilton

I think that’s just a mockup they made to advertise the app. wink

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