Barnes & Noble: Steve Jobs Bio Ships November 21

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The official biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be coming sooner than originally expected. The book has been showing as shipping in March 2012, but Barnes & Noble is now saying it will hit store shelves on November 21, 2011.

Steve Jobs biographyThe Steve Jobs bio has a new cover

While Barnes & Noble may be ready to start selling the book just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, Amazon and Apple’s own iBookstore are still showing a March 6, 2012 release date.

The biography was written by renowned author Walter Isaacson and comes with the cooperation of Mr. Jobs, marking the first time Apple’s leader has ever agreed to participate in a book chronicling his life.

Mr. Isaacson spent over two years spending time with and interviewing Mr. Jobs and his family, along with friends and colleagues, to gather information for the book. Earlier in the book’s development, it was titled “iSteve: The Book of Jobs,” but was later changed to “Steve Jobs.”

Since Amazon and Apple haven’t changed their ship dates yet for the book, it’s possible that Barnes & Noble simply listed the wrong release date. The book seller hasn’t responded to The Mac Observer’s request yet for clarification.

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Rumour has it Bosco will be camping outside B&N to be the first to get his paws on this gem.


Rumour has it Bosco will be camping outside B&N to be the first to get his paws on this gem.

He’ll gather them all into a giant pile and burn them!

(To save our immortal souls from damnation.
To read it could lead us to believe that iSteve is The One!)


The iBook Store has actually now changed the date to reflect
Nov. 21 2011!!!  I just Pre-Orderd!!!

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