Barron’s Calls AAPL a Top Stock Pick for 2013

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Apple's may be down US$150 from its all time high earlier this year, but Barron's still sees the company's stock as one of the top ten picks for 2013. Barron's sees Apple building its cash at about $40 billion annually, possibly issuing higher dividends, and moving for a more agressive share repurchasing program -- all of which are good news for investors.

Other picks on the list include JPMorgan Chase, Royal Dutch Shell, Novartis, Barnes & Noble, and Western Digital.

Barron's calls Apple a top stock pick for 2013Barron's calls Apple a top stock pick for 2013

Apple's stock is down about 23 percent from it's $705 high in September, the company is dealing with parts supply constraints and iOS 6's Maps headaches, plus the company recently went through major high-level management changes, but those issues shouldn't concern investors. According to Barron's, those issues aren't major, and Apple is still moving forward and strong.

One of Apple's bigger concerns may be criticism over its Maps service. The company dropped Google's maps in favor of its own system with the launch of iOS 6 this fall. Users quickly started complaining about inaccurate location data, the lack of public transportation information and no street view option, although the company has promised to improve its maps, and some changes have already started showing up.

Despite Apple's efforts, the company will likely deal with Maps-related headaches for some time. Most recently, police in Australia started warning drivers to avoid using Apple's Maps after several motorists were directed deep into a wilderness area instead of to the town they thought they were headed towards, some 70 miles away.

Apple currently has a $504.94 billion market cap and has been bringing in about $156 billion in sales annually. The iPad and iPhone are market leaders, and Mac sales are on the rise, too. Those are all factors that are playing into Apple's success, and according to Barron's we can expect Apple's stock to climb again in 2013.

Apple is currently trading at $536.00, up 2.75(0.52%).


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Dividends are good. Stock repurchase, other than to pre-fund stock grants to employees, are a sign that the business has run out of ideas. They are not good.

Paul Goodwin

Nonsense Brad. It’s done to increase earnings per share for share owners. The only way it’s bad is if Apple pays to much for them, which they won’t at the price they’re at.

The stock is down because that huge recent peak was an aberration. Prior to that the stock was growing at a rate of about 33%/yr for a couple of years. Over a year ago I stated that I thought the stock would be at $550/share in Mar 2013. I think that it might beat that but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t. A stock doubling every 3 years is amazing.

Stock buybacks should increase my dividends for my paltry little pile of AAPL.

And as for Apple being out of ideas, well how often (even for Apple) does anyone come up with the great new thing? Historically for Apple, it’s been about every 5 years. People clamoring for the new great thing every 6 months or a year are just out of touch. iMacs, iPods, iPhones and tablets came years apart. The iPad coming so soon after the phone was an aberration on that timeline due to it being an offshoot of the iPhone design that enabled it. We’re getting close to the 5 year point from the iPhone, so if we don’t see something really original from Apple in the next year, then we can start to wonder if they are out of ideas.

Here’s stock buybacks 101:


Paul Goodwin

I only wish I had more money to buy some shares right now.

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