Base iPad mini Includes $188 in Parts

Apple 16GB WiFi iPad mini includes about US$188 in parts, according to an analysis from iSuppli. The research firm noted that the mini's display costs Apple about $80, or about 43 percent of the total Bill of Materials.

iSuppli said the 32GB WiFi iPad mini includes $219 in parts, and the 64GB version includes $250 in parts.

iSuppli: iPad mini packs in $188 in partsiSuppli: iPad mini packs in $188 in parts

While Samsung is manufacturing Apple's A5 processor, most of the iPad mini's remaining components come from other companies. LG Display and AU Optronics, for example, are supplying Apple with display components, according to AllThingsD. Hynix and Elpida are providing the memory for the tablet, which previously came from Samsung.

Apple has been reducing it reliance on Samsung for parts during their ongoing patent infringement battle. Both companies have accused the other of using patented technology and designs without authorization in courts around the world.

The 16GB WiFi iPad mini is priced at $329, which makes the company's profit margin look fairly significant. What the parts breakdown can't take into consideration, however, is the costs Apple incurs for research and development, manufacturing, packaging and shipping, all of which cut into profit margins.

The iPad mini went on sale on Friday, November 2. Apple reported total sales for the iPad mini and fourth generation iPad at 3 million units for the first three days of availability, which the company is calling a new record even though it's in line with the third generation iPad launch from earlier this year.