Firefox for me.
1. AdBlock Plus + filters
2. Web Developer toolbar

Lee Dronick

When I was using Safari 4 beta I found that I liked the tabs at the top. I have since gotten used to them in the old location in this version, just a new habit to learn I guess.


I am using the Safari 4 Beta because the combination of putting the tabs back on the bottom and not bringing back the blue progress bar are deal breakers for me.

Tonio Loewald

@davebarnes: actually, Safari 4’s developer tools and inspector are better in many—perhaps most—ways than the web developer toolbar, but I still like both for different reasons.


I paid for OmniWeb before it was free too. I like OmniWeb but do like Safari better. Firefox is ok but to me it’s the new Netscape and is very windowsish. The dealbreakers for Safari are:

1) Top Sites that are customizable.
2) Control click to add any photo to iPhoto library.
3) Speed.
4) Printing preview in the print box and instant size scaling previews.
5) Command Control D to get instant word definitions.
6) Easiest bookmark organizing.
7) Finding items on pages is best in Safari.
8) Hold down Command while clicking the title bar for site depth
9) The new customizable button that makes a 1 click email link of current page
10) User Agent compatibility

If Safari put the tabs back on top or at least the option, or tabs like OmniWeb, it would be near perfect.


I must have all of my bookmarks (specialized folders and single websites) showing in the sidebar at all times.  I think only FireFix and Opera do this.  And as fast as Opera is, FF has the edge due to the many useful plugins available.


FireFox, not “FireFix,” I meant.

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