Battleship Leads New Games at the App Store

EA Mobile has published a digital version of the classic board game Battleship at the App Store. In addition to 3D gameplay, it features dramatic scenes of sinking ships, Classic and Salvo game modes, super weapons that can be unlocked and used in multiplayer matches, and achievements to earn. Multiplayer is available via hotseat, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and pass ‘n’ play.

Other new games now at the App Store include: Freeverse’s word game Hanged, which features unique stop-motion animation to tell a story of mysterious lovers; the snowmobile racer Snow Moto Racing; the speed typing game Finger Frenzy World; the adventure puzzler Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber; the word game Blocks With Letters; the arcade game Rocket Santa; and the Pictionary-like game Depict.


In addition, Gameloft has announced that a game based on James Cameron’s upcoming film Avatar is due to be released later this month.