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Good news UK BBC watchers: BBC iPlayer is coming to the new Apple TV soon. That means everyone who's been using AirPlay with their iPhone or iPad to get shows from iPlayer onto their TV will finally have a native Apple TV app instead.

BBC's iPlayer coming to Apple TV soonBBC's iPlayer coming to Apple TV soon

The BBC shared the news on its Twitter account saying, "BBC iPlayer will be coming to the new Apple TV in coming months..."

A quick dive into the Tweet tells us a couple things: "New" means fourth generation Apple TV, which is the model that ships on October 30th. That's a pretty hint to let us know the BBC is working on a tvOS-native app, and since iPlayer is getting an app, the second and third generation Apple TV aren't going to be supported.

Older Apple TV owners will have to stick with the current workaround where you use AirPlay to stream iPlayer content from an iPhone or iPad to your television via Apple TV. There's a line in the sand now that the fourth generation Apple TV is here, and the older models don't get to step across.

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Good news: BBC iPlayer is getting a native Apple TV app.

Bad news: It's fourth generation only; third gen Apple TV owners are going to miss out.

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Good news / Bad news ...

Even worse news: it’ll only work if you are actually in the UK (because people there have paid the license fee).

BBC could make a ton of money making all its content available via Apple TV worldwide - and charging appropriately for those outside the UK. I know several people who would sign up in a heartbeat.

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