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The BBC’s popular iPlayer is about to break free of the U.K.’s borders and go international, but only for Apple’s iPad. iPlayer gives viewers access to the last week worth of BBC programming, and it seems viewers in other parts of the world will finally be able to get in on the viewing fun, but only as part of a paid subscription service.

BBC’s iPlayer will soon be available outside the UK

The announcement is good news for fans of BBC produced shows, like Doctor Who, outside of the U.K. since it’s often difficult for viewers to find their Doctor Who episodes the content they want to see, and in many cases content is shown outside of the country long after its original air date. Problems accessing BBC shows has led many people to pirate content instead of waiting to see if it eventually shows up on BBC America, PBS or DVD.

The BBC isn’t saying yet exactly when it will release its international iPlayer app, or how much monthly subscriptions will cost.

[Thanks to paidContent for the heads up.]

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Well that’s crappy. If you don’t make your content legally available AT ALL to huge segments of the market, then of course people will pirate it. An iPad app isn’t going to solve the problem of not being able to get a large portion of BBC programming legally AT ALL for a large number of people.


Man. This is now a reason for me to get an iPad. The only reason, mind you, but at least I wouldn’t have to pirate Dr. Who any more..

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