BBEdit 10 Updates Editing Interface, Adds EPUB Editing

Bare Bones Software announced the immediate availability of BBEdit 10.0 on Tuesday. The new version of the code editor and writing app gained a redesigned user interface and added support for editing EPUB files.

Version 10.0 includes a redesigned editing interface that includes open and recently viewed documents in a quick view list, a new markup panel with a streamlined interface for adding code and tags to documents, support for preview templates, and a redesigned Preferences window.

BBEdit 10BBEdit 10

BBEdit’s Application Support folder now supports DropBox so users can access the same templates and support files from multiple computers, the Sleep feature introduced in BBEdit 9 is now the default action when quitting the app, and it supports Lion’s Full Screen mode.

Ebook publishers will like BBEdit’s new EPUB editing support. The app can view and edit the contents of ZIP files without expanding the archive — a feature that’s important when fine tuning ebooks before release.

Version 10 drops support for PowerPC-based Macs, and requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher.

BBEdit 10 is priced at US$49.99, instead of $99.99 like BBEdit 9. Upgrades from earlier versions cost $39.99, and Bare Bones will be selling the app through its Web site and Apple’s Mac App Store.

Bare Bones will offer BBEdit 10 through the App Store for $39.99 as a three-month special so current users that want to switch to App Store management can take advantage of the upgrade pricing.