BBEdit Update Improves File Management, More

Bare Bones Software announced the immediate availability of BBEdit 10.1 on Wednesday. The update for the code and text editing application for the Mac improved file opening and searching, along with the Replace All function.

Version 10.1 includes a new modal Open by File Name view that displays results as you type, shows ranked search results, can search Xcode projects, and opening URLs in the Open by Name view now downloads the associated page code and displays it in as a new document.

BBEdit 10BBEdit 10 from Bare Bones Software

Performance in the Replace All function has been greatly improved, too, and the Find and Replace function can take advantage of multiple processor cores.

The update includes a new Markup Panel that pre-populates attributes based on the selected text, and the application can convert Markdown code to HTML without extra scripts.

Version 10.1 also supports assigning unique CSS preview templates for individual coding languages, and fixes several bugs.

BBEdit 10.1 is priced at US$39.99 and is available for download at the Bare Bones Web site. The update is free for version 10 users.