Beats Announces Redesigned Solo Headphones

One day after Apple announced its acqusition of Beats Electronics, the company announced a redesign of Solo headphones, called Solo² on Thursday. In the release the new headphones are said to give "a robust listening experience with a wider range of sound and enhanced clarity."


What the new Solo headphones look line from Beats.

These new headphones are available for preorder now, with general availability as of June 1. Beats Solo² headphones include a RemoteTalk cable, which has a microphone and controls the volume on iOS devices.

Solo² headphones also include a redesigned headband that the company said is more flexible and curved to fit comfortably. The devices also feature a better design for the earcups intended to help with sound leakage and heat. They are also nice to look at, with no visible screws and looking even leaner and meaner than the original Solos.

Existing colors are black, white, blue, gray, and pink. A Project (RED) version remains part of the line, and there are also two new colors in the line, Champagne and Metallic Sky. Pricing on the original colors is US $199.95. Champagne and Metallic Sky will be $299.95 at select retailers as of Thursday, with online availability at the Beats Site in mid-June.