Beats Online Music Service Opens its Digital Doors for Business

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Beats Music teased in early December that it would start up its streaming music service in January, and that's exactly what happened on Tuesday. The service is currently available in the Unites States, and adds yet another player in the game to draw customers into the online streaming music market.

Beats Music spins up its streaming music serviceBeats Music spins up its streaming music service

Beats Music is built on MOG, the streaming service Beats purchased in anticipation of building its own streaming music service. MOG subscribers have until April to set up their Beats Music accounts because the older service will be shutting down.

Subscribers to Beats Music get to listen to playlists compiled by DJs, musicians, music producers, and other artists, and Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails is on board as chief creative officer.

Users can listen to pre-built playlists, make their own, share what they're listening to through social networking services, and listen to songs even when they don't have an Internet connection.

iPhone and iPod touch users can download the Beats Music app for free from Apple's iTunes-based App Store. Users can try out Beats Music for free of one month, and monthly subscriptions cost US$9.99.

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With Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio in the game, the streaming music market is already seeing lots of competition. Beats Music will have to work hard to stay in the game, especially with its paid subscription model.

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I’m curious to see the Beats interface. I have subscribed to MOG for a while now, but have become increasingly annoyed with certain aspects of its interface. (One example annoyance: Say you are on an artist page. You have to click to see “all albums” instead of the top 3-4, then click on a specific album to view individual tracks. If you then click the back arrow to go to the album list, you are back to seeing only the top albums.) I have been considering a switch to Spotify, but I may give Beats a try to see if they have made significant improvements.

I don’t really see how Pandora and iTunes Radio are really competitors with Spotify, Rdio, MOG, etc. It’s a very different type of listening and useless if you like albums.

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