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The popular headphone maker Beats is ready to join the streaming music market with the launch of Beats Music in January 2014. The music service's site is already up and running and letting future listeners sign up for their own account names now.

Beats Music: Coming in JanuaryBeats Music: Coming in January

Beats Music is built on MOG, the streaming service Beats purchased a little over a year ago. The company plans to offer playlists built by DJs, musicians, music producers, and other artists, and has Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails on board as chief creative officer.

Beats was said to have been negotiating a deal with AT&T earlier this year to include the streaming music service as part of certain mobile wireless data packages.

Extra publicity through companies like AT&T can't hurt since Beats Music will be competing with the likes of Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, and iTunes Radio.

So far Beats hasn't announced any other details about Beats Music, so there isn't any word yet on how much it will cost, or which record labels are on board. With the service officially launching in January, it's a safe bet those details will be coming soon.

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The streaming music market is a tough game to get into with Pandora, Spotify, and now iTunes Radio on the scene. Beats Music does have name recognition, so that'll help, but isn't a guarantee it'll still be here a year from now.

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