Beer Bash Band Bandied About to Be OK Go

Tonight’s WWDC Beer Bash band is being rumored to be OK Go, the independent band who first became popular with their innovative use of treadmills in the video for “Here It Goes Again”. More recently the band has made a big splash with a video featuring a giant Rube Goldberg machine (see below).

Apple’s WWDC Beer Bash is an annual party held for the attendees, a party that usually features popular touring bands. Last year’s band, for instance, was Cake, and in 2008 it was The Barenaked Ladies. The tradition, however, is that Apple doesn’t tell anyone ahead of time who the band will be, with the accompanying tradition of word leaking out as developers try and find out anyway.

Thus has it gone this year, with a variety of Twitter posts (and our own Dave Hamilton) saying tonight’s band will be OK Go. So if you’re attending WWDC, go, OK?

OK Go Video “This Too Shall Pass”