Belkin to Add HomeKit to WeMo ‘in Very Near Future’

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Now that there are enough HomeKit compatible products to warrant a list, it seemed odd to not hear anything from Belkin, makers of WeMo devices. I contacted Belkin for comment, and the company indicated for the first time that it is planning HomeKit support in the near future.

From a Belkin spokesperson:

WeMo will continue to evolve as we deliver on our promise of being the most approachable entry point to the connected home, and it is a natural progression based on Belkin’s long-term partnership with Apple that compatibility with HomeKit will be a part of that evolution.

We are currently in conversations with Apple, but no specifics have been finalized at this point. Though our primary goal will always be to create a robust WeMo platform and unparalleled user experience for both current and future WeMo users, we are actively engaged in bringing HomeKit compatibility to fruition in the very near future. Stay tuned.

Repeated for emphasis, bold added by me: "We are actively engaged in bringing HomeKit compatibility to fruition in the very near future."

If this were something that wasn't happening until summer, it seems unlikely the statement would say "very near future." It's always dangerous to make too much of PR-speak, but in this case Belkin could be signaling something is very close to being announced.

Belkin's addition to Apple's HomeKit ecosystem would be a big boost for that ecosystem. Belkin was way out in front of the mobile-centric home-automation wave, and WeMo products sporting HomeKit support will be a welcome addition for many Apple customers.

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