Best Buy CEO Calls iPad a “Magnificent Shining Light”

Best Buy CEO Brian Dun told reporters Tuesday that his company would expand the number of stores selling the iPad to all of them. According to a Bloomberg report, Best Buy currently offers the iPad in 673 stores in the U.S., but is working to offer the device in all 1,093 of its retail locations for the holiday shopping season. Why? Because it’s a “magnificent shining light,” according to the CEO.

“We see the iPad as the magnificent shining light in what will become a whole new category, and that is tablets,” Mr. Dunn said. “In many cases, it’s an incremental device. In some cases, it’s a substitute device for netbooks. We think that’s going to stimulate a lot of customer interest.”

The iPad has been a big hit, and the company has already sold millions of the devices. In addition to an expanded presence at Best Buy, the device will reportedly be sold in Target locations in the U.S. as well.