Best Buy Employee Claims iPhone Coming to Sprint

A Best Buy employee is claiming to have information showing that Sprint will be Apple’s second iPhone partner in the U.S. Apparently this unnamed employee thinks Best Buy will begin offering Sprint-enabled iPhones in June, according to The Tech Update.

“I work in an electronics store that has a mobile phone store within it. I can confirm that Sprint will be carrying the iPhone beginning in June,” the unnamed source said. “They’ve begun to grease the wheels for advertising. There is no news in regards to a Verizon version however.”

The person went on to claim that Sprint’s in-store displays should start arriving in about two weeks.

They also confirmed they work for a Best Buy store in Pennsylvania, but refused to offer up any evidence to support their claims because “it breaks our privacy policy to our clients.”

Considering Apple’s tight-lipped policy regarding unannounced products, it doesn’t seem likely information about a second carrier deal in the U.S. would already be available at the retail store level. Since Sprint doesn’t use the same wireless network technology as AT&T — Apple’s current exclusive iPhone partner in the U.S. — it’s hard to belive a special iPhone model designed just for Sprint has been secretly in the works, too.

Anonymous sources that refuse to offer up evidence make for thin rumors, but for some, even weak rumors claiming AT&T’s exclusive iPhone deal is coming to an end is good enough.