Best Buy Sells Out of iPads

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Apple stores may be able to keep iPads in stock, but Best Buy doesn’t seem to be faring as well. All 673 Best Buy locations in the United States have sold out, and don’t expect to see more until the weekend, according to CNET.

Best Buy spokes person, Paula Baldwin, commented “We expect to have iPad inventory replenished at these locations by Sunday.”

Apple began selling the iPad at its own retail locations and Best Buy stores on April 3rd. Many locations saw long lines as shoppers waited to be among the first to get their hands on the new multimedia tablet device.

Despite the inventory shortage at Best Buy locations, Apple’s own retail stores seem to be meeting customer demand. The Mac Observer’s spot checks at Apple stores indicate that iPads are available, and customers were purchasing them when we were in the stores.

In contrast, Apple’s San Francisco store sold out of iPads, and the company’s Fifth Avenue store in New York only had 64GB iPads in stock.

Apple isn’t, however, able to keep some iPad accessories in stock. The company’s own iPad Case, for example, is typically out of stock at Apple’s Denver and Boulder locations in Colorado and stores are selling out shortly after replenishment shipments arrive.

Best Buy locations, on the other hand, seem to be doing a better job of keeping iPad accessories in stock. TMO’s checks showed that along with iPad docks, Best Buy locations typically have the hard to come by iPad Case in stock as well.

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Lee Dronick

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it is Best Buy who decides how many iPads to order and distribute to their individual stores. I mean it isn’t like Apple sends unasked a certain amount of product to them. Maybe it is up to the individual Best Buy store to decide what they can sell.


Actually , this is not a fair assessment of what is going on. 

Best Buy has received notice from their HQ (if you are a BB Sup - look in your “Toolkit”), they are to hold at least 7 of each version for sale on Sunday - the day their iPad ad comes out.

I went to purchase one this AM in Pentagon City, that is where I learned they did have 10 of each, but would not sale them until Sunday.

However, there are some around and some will sale them, despite the upcoming Sunday event.  I called a short while ago and did find one in Fredericksburg, VA.


In my opinion, it’s just a part of Apple’s brilliant marketing efforts.
I saw a plenty of these magical devices yesterday at my local BB store before closing.


Didn’t the Best Buy stores only have 15 in stock to begin with?

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