Best Buy to Sell Kindle

Best Buy is set to start selling Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader this fall, marking the first time customers will have the chance to see the device in a store. The big box retailer plans to display the Kindle along side other ebook readers, and the company claims it will be the only retailer that offers all of the top ebook reader brands in its stores.

Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader

Placing the Kindle in retail stores will likely be a good move for Amazon since the only way most people have been able see the reader before buying one is by checking out a friend’s device.

For Best Buy, the company’s retail stores now become the only one-stop-shop location form comparing all of the most popular ebook readers. “Our goal is to help people choose the device that’s right for them by providing the broadest selection of popular e-readers of any retailer, in one convenient place that enables people to easily see, touch, try and buy,” commented Best Buy’s senior vice president and general manager for Home Entertainment.

Best Buy is also the only retailer to offer the Barnes & Noble NOOK ereader, too.