Beta.ey Smartphone Solar Charger on Indiegogo Focuses and Tracks Sunlight

Rawlemon has an extraordinary project on Indiegogo called Beta.ey, a solar charger that uses a lens to focus sunlight on a solar charger that tracks that focal point within the device. That produces what the company claims is 70 percent more energy than a stationary solar panel of the same size, and Beta.ey stores that energy in a battery to charge your smartphone or tablet.


Beta.ey Solar Charger from Rawlemon

Rawlemon was looking to raise US$120,000 for the project, which is based on research by Andre Broessel. The company surpassed that goal, and the project currently sits at US$153,136. There are only 57 hours left, so if you want in on an early shipping unit, hop on over and help Rawlemon reach its stretch goals.

The device uses a globe to gather and focus sunlight, as shown in the illustration below. A dual-axis tracking mechanism then moves the solar panel inside the device to the precise focal point of that light. It sends the juice to a battery, and you can plug in your smartphone, tablet, or other USB-powered device into a USB port on the back.


Beta-ey Illustrated Workings

In addition to being a charger for your devices, it also has a color LED inside the device that allows you to use the device as a lamp at night. Better yet, it uses the globe to diffuse the the light in a sort of reverse process from the charging.

That's genius, and I love this project.

There are multiple funding options, including a "fancy" option for a see-through Beta.ey. The minimum funding option that includes a Beta.ey is US$149. For $6,000, you can get the giant "Beta.ray 1.0" device.