Bharti Airtel, Aircel Sign Deals for iPhone 4 in India

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Cell service providers Bharti Airtel and Aircel both announced on Monday that they have signed deals with Apple to offer the iPhone 4 in India. Neither company announced an official launch date, but both are expecting to start selling the combination smartphone and iPod in the next few months.

iPhone 4Apple’s iPhone 4 is coming to India

Along with the vague launch window, Bharti Airtel and Aircel are keeping quiete for now on how much customers can expect to pay for their new iPhone, and how much their monthly service contracts will cost.

Currently, the iPhone 3GS is available in India. Despite the high number of cell phone customers in the country, smartphones make up a very small percentage of the user base, so don’t expect to see the iPhone 4 sell as quickly in India as it has in other countries.

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Is this the CDMA model? I seem to remember something about most of the carriers there being CDMA.


Airtel is GSM. not sure abt aircel.


Aircel is GSM as well, but while the availabiliy of Airtel’s service is nationwide, Aircel is very spotty, mainly confined to major metros.

In addition, neither has 3G. Only the government carrier BSNL is offering 3G, but it is still has patchy coverage and upload speed about 1 Mbps (although they advertise ‘up to 3 Mbps’).

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