Big Box Retailers Already Showing iPad 2 Online

Best Buy and Walmart didn’t waste any time updating their Web sites to list Apple’s just announced iPad 2. Both big box retailers had Apple’s second generation multimedia tablet listed online by Thursday morning. The iPad 2 was introduced during a special media event on Wednesday.

The Best Buy Web site shows the iPad 2 as “Coming Friday, March 11,” but isn’t showing pricing information yet. Walmart, however, is already listing its prices for the iPad 2 while showing availability as “coming soon.”

Walmart and Best Buy sell iPad 2

As usual, Walmart is offering a modest $1 discount compared to Apple’s list prices, so shoppers can pick up an iPad 2 starting at $498. Its first generation iPad markdowns are especially weak compared to Apple’s $100 discount at only $11 off the original price.

The new iPad models offer the same storage capacity and display ans the original, but are thinner and offer substantially faster processors, front and rear-facing cameras, GSM and CDMA wireless data network support, along with white or black bezels. Apple’s second generation iPad lineup will be available on March 11.