Bing Bong, The Search Was Dead (For Nearly An Hour)

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BingMicrosoft's Bing service was down on Thursday, offering us an excellent opportunity to write a fun title at Big Redmond's expense, an opportunity we hastened to accept. The Huffington Post noticed the downage, which gave Bing users, such as they are, error messages when trying to bring up the site for almost an hour.

Those error messages eventually morphed into CAPCHA requests, though the site was still not functional (check out the above link for screen shots of the outage).

The downtime comes as Microsoft is working to grow Bing's market share of the search business and earn credibility with users, and that does seem to sum up the story nicely.



Bada Bing, Bada Boom!

Bryan Chaffin

Heh, this article is going to get some fun comments, I think. smile


Not like Apple, iTunes, Google, Amazon, eBay, etc. never had any downtime…

When Bing has a major crash over something incredibly stupid (i.e. no working backups), THEN I’ll laugh. smile


link in the article?

Lee Dronick

“link in the article?”

Google it smile

Bryan Chaffin

Oops! Link to the Huffington Post has been added! Thanks for the note.

And you, Harry, are a funny lad. smile

Lee Dronick

Our guest Karma does have point about other services going down and not being the butt of jokes. I guess it just that Bing is new and may still be having growing pains, hence the attention.


I use Bing from time to time.  It’s OK - just different.  Not quite sure it should be the butt of jokes, but different strokes, I guess…

Lee Dronick

I use Bing from time to time.? It?s OK - just different.

I too have used it, but I have to remember to Bing. Google is too easy for us to get to; It is in the upper right corner of the Safari window and we can usually get to it by selecting text and right/control clicking.


Google is too easy for us to get to; It is in the upper right corner of the Safari window

I use FireFox with the BetterSearch plugin.  It is also in the upper right, but it allows me a dropdown with - in my case - 11 different search engines, including Google and Bing.


Bing gets the jokes because the name is silly. Google got them early on.

Really, who makes these things up????

Constable Odo

I guess I missed that downtime since I don’t use Bing anymore.  I tried it for a few days, but Google seems to fill 99% of my needs so unless Bing can top Google in searches, I’ll only try it every so often.  Bing is OK, but just not good enough to make any large amount of search engine users to switch from Google.


How’d anybody notice?!?

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