Bing Takes Search Traffic Share at Yahoo’s Expense

Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which launched last June, saw its share of U.S. search traffic jump from 10.7 percent in January to 11.5 percent in February, according to comScore, while Yahoo’s share dropped from 17 percent to 16.8 percent and Google stayed relatively flat, with 65.4 percent in January and 65.5 percent in February.

InformationWeek noted that Microsoft’s share has leapt 37 percent since Bing’s launch, when it owned 8.4 percent of the market, while Yahoo has dropped 14 percent from 19.6 percent, and Google has remained flat at 65 percent. Microsoft has sought to capitalize on that momentum in recent weeks, directly integrating its search services with Facebook and redesigning its MSN home page with a more prominent Bing search box.

Yahoo’s decline comes on the heels of an alliance it created with Microsoft last year, under which it will eventually outsource its search functions to Microsoft. InformationWeek noted that Yahoo “may be suffering from the perception that it's abandoning the search market.” Meanwhile, Google seems to be complacent with its lead position, preferring to put more focus on Google Apps, Android, and other endeavors.