Avoiding Quality Assurance Pitfalls, Black Pixel Style

Development house Black Pixel is currently running a series of posts on their blog about Rethinking QA, aka Quality Assurance. Generally QA means testing, the fine art of doing all the things that users would do, and working out the kinks in the interface and functionality before shipping something.

Black Pixel analyzes the state of software QABlack Pixel analyzes the state of software QA

This set of posts about QA is really interesting. Testing can be viewed as a necessary evil, a hurdle to shipping a product. Daniel Pasco, author of the posts and CEO of Black Pixel, goes into detail about needing a QA team, how bad bad can actually be, and what can be done to make it better.

This is an ongoing series of posts, I’m not sure how many there will ultimately be. There are five as of today, and none of them are exceedingly long so I highly recommend checking them out. Whether you’re a developer yourself or you just enjoy a good “behind the scenes” look at the process, so far they are all good reads.

Black Pixel is a development shop that created Kaleidoscope, Versions, and NetNewsWire under its name. They have also worked on apps for others including ESPN and The Daily which are public knowledge, but other Black Pixel work is covered by confidentiality agreements.