BlackBerry PlayBook on its Death Bed

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BlackBerry's PlayBook is all but dead now that the company has announced that it won't be migrating the tablet to the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The PlayBook suffered from dismal sales, and by leaving the device behind as BlackBerry's other products move to the newest version of the its operating system, the writing is on the wall: PlayBook is on death row.

BlackBerry puts PlayBook on death rowBlackBerry puts PlayBook on death row

Company CEO Thorsten Heins said he wasn't satisfied with the performance and experience he saw with BlackBerry 10 running on the playbook, according to the Wall Street Journal. Bad reviews and lack of consumer interested no doubt helped in his decision to leave the PlayBook behind.

BlackBerry managed to sell just 100,000 PlayBooks during its last quarter. The company hasn't been able to come close to competing with Apple's iPad, and Android tablet sales eclipse the handful of units BlackBerry pushed out the door.

Mr. Heins didn't officially kill the PlayBook, and even said the company will still support the device. That said, BlackBerry is focusing on its future and the new BlackBerry 10 OS, which means PlayBook will continue to fall behind.

Scaling back the PlayBook line is good news for investors since the device never found its footing in the tablet market, although better news would've been an official end to the device. Even still, cutting down on the resources for the PlayBook means more money for current projects like BlackBerry 10.

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The big surprise isn't that BlackBerry is all but killing its PlayBook tablet now; it's that the device was still on the market.

We can't even say that iPad competition dropped a little because PlayBook sales never hit a significant level.

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Playbook a failure.
BlackBerry shared dive after the quarterly report showed they lost money whe analysts expected a small profit..
Only 40% of the devices they sold last quarter were the new BB10 devices that were supposed to save the company, 60% were legacy models. 
They lost a significant number of subscribers last quarter.
Has somebody started a BlackBerry Death Knell Counter?


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